Cocky’s Players

At the start of the 1908 season, the Tottenham directors new they needed to strengthen the squad before the season. the players that Spurs have engaged for the first kick off against Wolves.

On the 08 April 1908 it was announced in the Tottenham & Weekly Herald that six players were re-engaged, Morris, Burton, Walton, Woodruff, Coquet and Minter with the hope that more would follow suit. By May 1908 this had increased too thirteen with the inclusions of both Gipps and Seeburg.

Whyman and Pickett of the 1907/8 team left Tottenham and were engaged by New Brompton

  • Thomas Scott Leslie
  • Dugald MacFarlane
  • William James Minter
  • James C Morton
  • Robert Loudron Steel
  • Robert Watt
  • Charles Lewis Woodruff
  • Norman Arthur Wood

As the Season progressed a number of new players continued to sign on or turn Professional for the club. Ben Ives was one such player, the forward signed on as a professional for the Spurs  on the 10th Sept 1908 after being considered by Crystal Palace who had already signed him on as a amateur but Tottenham beat them to the signature.

On the 6th January 1909 James Baxter, who was playing for Edmonton Ramblers signed for Tottenham as a professional , the Outside left has a bright future and has a smart football head on him. shortly after William Bulloch, who had only just transferred to Tottenham at the start of the season transfers to the Scottish club  Kilmarnock on the 14th  January 1909.

The last two big signings made during the season were,  F.Wilkes for £350 pound from Reading FC who also insisted that a match at reading and guarantee 100pount in gates is to be played to secure the transfer of Wilkes. Joseph Curtis signature was secured on the  22nd April 1909 from Gainsborough Trinity and plays at Outside Right. he is 5ft. 6in in height and is considered to be a young talent.

  • Ernest Coquet
  • Frederick Wilkes
  • Oliver Burton
  • Joseph Brough
  • Tom H Morris
  • Thomas Savill Gipps
  • Joseph Brough
  • Frederick James Massey
  • Walter Bull
  • Thomas Scott Leslie
  • Frederick Wilkes
  • William Bulloch
  • Robert Watt
  • O. Stone
  • Jabez Darnell
  • Daniel Steel
  • Frank William Bentley
  • Charles Lewis Woodruff
  • John Joseph Curtis
  • Ben Ives
  • Norman Arthur Wood
  • William Oliver
  • Herbert Middlemiss
  • Joseph Walton
  • Vivian John Woodward
  • Dugald MacFarlane
  • Robert Loudron Steel
  • William James Minter
  • James C Morton
  • Max Seeburg
  • George Clark Payne
  • David Henry Clark
  • D L Macrae
  • James Baxter
  • A.J Joynes
  • A.Seanes
  • B.Wimberley
  • C.Bulling
  • E.Bulling
  • E.Tinsley
  • F.Beech
  • G.A. Sutherland
  • G.Stark
  • H.Lloyd
  • J.Macevoy
  • J.Oliver
  • Percy Wakeford Turrall
  • Charles H Turrall
  • T.Bowman
  • Tinsley
  • Walter Daniel John Tull