The 2nd Division 1908 Teams –

The teams that Tottenham would be playing in their first season in the new league was always going to be tough as the league had been playing since 1888 and had a variety of teams from the hardened second division teams who had played match after match in the same flight and knew how to survive the hard way, to the newly joined teams in the same situation as Tottenham looking to win at any cost and finally the regulated teams from the top tier looking to return to the first division and would have the players with the skills to win any match in the lower tier.

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Having joined the Football league in the 1898/99 season finishing a respectable 11th, they are a hardened second division side since, but had never been promoted to top flight football when Tottenham had joined 1908.


Came into the Football league in 1896/7 and finished their first season in 8th place in division two and much like Barnsley they had never been promoted to the first division by the time Tottenham had joined. They had been voted out from the football league in 1898/9 season and where back again two seasons later in 1900/1 season in the second division were they had stayed till Tottenham joined in 1908.

Birmingham City –

Joined the league in 1905/6 season in the first division and finished above their rivals Aston Villa by one place but where relegated the season before spurs joined in 1907/8 season finishing 20th with 30points and where now going to be fighting for a place back in the top flight.


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Bradford Park Avenue

Much like Tottenham, Bradford Park Avenue joined the football league in 1908 session after resigning from the Southern league and being accepted to join by the FA thanks to QPR’s withdraw and were looked forward to an interesting first season.


Had been ever present in the top flight of English League football since its formation in 1888 till the 1896/7 season when they were relegated with 19 points, they were however promoted back the next season only to be relegated again in 1899/1900, and there they stayed in the second division until spurs joined in 1908.


In the 1899 season Chesterfield made their first steps into the football league. They are second division experts having never been removed from the league and just like Barnsley had never been prompted out of the league.


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The teams spurs faced in their first seasons where just such a crowd: –


Derby County

One of the founding members of the English Football League, Derby country had been playing top flight football for nineteen seasons, this was however until 1906/7 when they were relegated to the second division and failed to gain promotion the following season.


Fulham are the oldest London club in the football league having only just joined the second division the season before in 1907/8 and finished a respectable fourth at their first attempt.

Gainsborough Trinity

The Midlands team had joined the Football Leagues in the 1896/7 where they had stayed and would not be pushovers in anyway.

Glossop North End

Elected to the Second Division of the Football League in 1898–99 they finished as runners-up and won promotion to the First Division in their first season. Before the start of their first season in the top flight they changed their name to Glossop and went into the new season looking to enjoy it but unfortunately their season in the top flight was not what they wanted and finished in last place having won only four matches, all at home, against Burnley, Nottingham Forest, Blackburn and Aston Villa.

Grimsby Town

From the start of the second division in 1892 Grimsby have been there, they were promoted in the 1900/1 season only survived one season in the top flight and headed back down to the second division where they had stayed until spurs first season.

Hull City

Having played in only three seasons before Spurs; Hull city where still green around the ear in this division but always going to be a tough team to play having finished in the top half of the table every season.

Leeds City

Leeds City had been formed in 1905 and used the city’s crest for the club emblem they joined the Football League in the same year and at the same time as Hull City. They had only been playing in the second division for three seasons finishing mid table most season.

Clapham Orient

The second oldest London club to Fulham, Clapham had been called Orient Football Club prior to joining the football league changing it in 1898 to represent where the club was from. They had been playing In the Football league since 1905/6 season where they had finished bottom in the first campaign in that division with seven wins and twenty one point.

Oldham Athletic

Pine Villa F.C before their renaming in 1899 to Oldham Athletic had been in the football league since 1907/8 season where they finished outside the promotion places by just one win(2 points) too Leicester Fosse. They would be looking at the new season as a chance to better that position and gain promotion to the top flight.

Stockport County

Joined the football league in 1900 spending their first three season in the bottom 2 and then finally the football league committee voted them out of the football league and then where re-admitted back into the second division in the 1905/6 season where they finished tenth.

West Bromwich Albion

Another founding member of the Football league West Brom had found themselves in the 2nd Division in 1904/5 season after being relegated with 24 points from 34 games along with Liverpool. However Liverpool where promoted the following season and west Brom has never managed to regain their status in the first tier of English football since.

Wolverhampton Wanders

Wolves are the fifth club from the twelve founding teams of the English Football league to find themselves being relegated to the second division. This happened in 1905/6 and they failed to regain their football position in the First division by the time Tottenham arrived in the division.