1909-1910 Team Photo

Top Row: W.Harris, W.Williams, T.Gipps, H.Middlemiss, E.Bulling,W.Minter, F.Boreham, O.Burton,F.Wilkes
Middle Row: J.Curtis, D.Brown, R. Steel, C.MacFarlane, D. Steel,T. Morris, F.Bentley,P.McConnon, T.Leslie
Bottom row: C.Woodruff, J.Darnell, W.Tull, A.Lyle,D.Clark,B.Ives,J.Laydon

Promotion!!! they Cried .. yes tottenham at the First time of asking had entered the football league in style and finished 2nd behind Bolton Wandered. now the games were only to be tougher than then the last season.

with the likes of Manchester united and Everton, Liverpool , Chelsea and the mighty Preston North End and Notts County all looking at Tottenham to see what they are made of .. this was really going to be the test that Tottenham needed and wanted.

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Home Matches
Match Date Fixture
01-Sep-09 Sunderland
04-Sep-09 Everton
18-Sep-09 Bradford City
02-Oct-09 Bristol City
06-Nov-09 Newcastle United
20-Nov-09 Aston Villa
22-Nov-09 Preston North End
04-Dec-09 Woolwich Arsenal
18-Dec-09 Chelsea
27-Dec-09 Nottingham Forest
01-Jan-10 Blackburn Rovers
22-Jan-10 Manchester United
26-Feb-10 Middlesbrough
12-Mar-10 Notts County
14-Mar-10 Sheffield Wednesday
26-Mar-10 Liverpool
09-Apr-10 Sheffield United
20-Apr-10 Bury
23-Apr-10 Bolton Wanderers
Away Matches
Match Date Fixture
11-Sep-09 Manchester United
25-Sep-09 Sheffield Wednesday
09-Oct-09 Bury
16-Oct-09 Middlesbrough
30-Oct-09 Notts County
13-Nov-09 Liverpool
27-Nov-09 Sheffield United
11-Dec-09 Bolton Wanderers
25-Dec-09 Nottingham Forest
08-Jan-10 Everton
29-Jan-10 Bradford City
12-Feb-10 Bristol City
05-Mar-10 Preston North End
19-Mar-10 Newcastle United
25-Mar-10 Sunderland
29-Mar-10 Blackburn Rovers
02-Apr-10 Aston Villa
16-Apr-10 Woolwich Arsenal
30-Apr-10 Chelsea
Home Matches
Date Fixture
01-Sep-09 West Ham United
04-Sep-09 Hastings
18-Sep-09 Norwich City
02-Oct-09 Coventry City
23-Oct-09 Crystal Palace
06-Nov-09 Portsmouth
20-Nov-09 Croydon Common
04-Dec-09 Woolwhich Arsenal
28-Dec-09 Luton
01-Jan-10 leyton
03-Jan-10 Southend
22-Jan-10 Clapton Orient
05-Feb-10 Swindon
19-Feb-10 Watford
07-Mar-10 Fulham
11-Apr-10 Brighton
20-Apr-10 Portsmouth
Away Matches
Date Fixture
11-Sep-09 Clapton Orient
25-Sep-09 Hastings
06-Oct-09 Southend
16-Oct-09 Brighton
30-Oct-09 Swindon
10-Nov-09 Fulham
13-Nov-09 Crystal Palace
27-Nov-09 West Ham United
11-Dec-09 Norwich City
18-Dec-09 Chelsea
25-Dec-09 Watford
08-Jan-10 Leyton
29-Jan-10 Croydon
12-Feb-12 Coventry City
02-Apr-10 Luton
16-Apr-10 Woolwhich Arsenal
30-Apr-10 Chelsea
Match Date Fixture
15-Jan-10 Plymouth Argyle
19-Jan-10 Plymouth Argyle (Replay)
05-Feb-10 Chelsea
19-Feb-10 Swindon Town