Tottenham Win Big at Home Again

Date: 12/09/1908 at White Hart Lane

After a disappointing but well played match at Ellen road, Tottenham had showed how good they can be but needed to work harder in fount of the goal. They were extremely disappointed not to walk away from Leeds without even a point as it would have been all they deserved.Barnsley were today’s visitors having played two matches and failed to win them both after one draw and one defeat.
They made three changes for the match against Tottenham; all in the Forward line-up with Forman comes in for Brooks, Jones in for Lilycrop and Coulthard replacing Thomson.Tottenham made one change with MacFarlane who had injured his shoulder in the previous match was replaced by the retuning Woodward who set up in the inside Right position and Minter going into the centre forward roll.Tottenham fans turned out in good numbers for the match with a count on 20,000 for the third match in a row to see if Tottenham could continue the fine form.

Referee: Mr A. Shallcross, Leek

Tottenham Hotspur;
Coquet, Burton;
Morris, D. Steel, Darnell;
Walton, V.J Woodward, Minter, R.Steel, Middlemiss

Boyle, Downs;
Tomlinson; Silto, Oxspring;
Hellewell, Coulthard, Jones, Wilkinson, Forman;


The matched kick off in front of a loud and exciting crowed all hoping that Woodward could affect the game like he did against Wolves, It didn’t start that way with a very scrappy opening half, Darnell provided the first opening by sending in a good cross to Robert Steel who made Thorpe save well, as the first half progressed Tottenham moved in to the ascendance and on the 10th minute Tottenham won a corner, Middlemiss sent in a great cross and Woodward jumped above everyone up and headed Tottenham in front.

A further fifteen minutes played before Tottenham scored the seconded, Minter and Woodward  combining well and Woodward letting off a great shot that again was well saved by Thorpe who looked on to see a well placed Middlemiss picking up the lose ball and smacking the ball into the back of the net.

The first half was very much a one team affair with Barnsley barely making an appearance in the match, their best chance fell to Coulthard who failed to get this shot from under his feet when just a few yards from the Hewitson’s goal. The first half whistle went with Tottenham dominating and Woodward showing why he was missed in the game against Leeds City.

Half time: Tottenham Hotspur 2 Barnsley 0

Minter was the first player to make his mark on the game when the second half kicked off, as no sooner had the whistle had gone Minter struck a shot that rattled the post, and a few minutes later Barnsley almost scored an own goal with the backs almost knocking it in. The Barnsley game was in a complete mess and this was visible for the third goal when both Barnsley back and Thorpe got into a complete mess only for Middlemiss to be well placed to receive the ball from Woodward and to score.

The fourth came straight after the kick of with some fantastic play, that the crowd watching enjoyed and showed there appreciation. Some exchanges were made on the halfway line when Woodward passed the ball beautifully to Walton who made a run that beat all on the pitch and worked his way past the Barnsley backs, and fired in a great shot that hit the back of the net giving Thorpe no chance. The crowd cheered and celebrated the great goal and did not stop showing how good that goal was until after the ball had been kicked for the restart.

Barnsley fought on even though they really had no chance of getting anything from the match with Forman giving the best chance and Hewitson having two or three good saves to make but was never really tested. Minter in the last few minutes had a good chance to make it five but fell short of converting the chance

Minter’s chance was the final one of the match and Tottenham walked in after the whistle was blown convincing winners and showing the Football league that they are a power house in the division. Bert Steel can be criticized for being too selfish for this game and could have been better had he released the ball more and Darnell played a fanatic game.

Full Time: Tottenham Hotspur 4 Barnsley 0