Frederick Boreham











Position : Goalkeeper

Date Of Birth : 06/07/1885, Rye, East Essex, England

Date Of Death: 31/08/1951, Rye, Sussex England

Born in Rye, Sussex in 1885, to George and kitty Boreham,  His family were  fishermen in the small town. He started his playing career at Rye Town FC,  were he won his first medal when Rye won the Tunbridge Wells Charity Cup in 1904, from Rye Town FC he joined the newly formed Tunbridge Wells Rangers who came about in 1903,  after Tunbridge Wells Rangers he was signed for Leyton Orient.

In 1908 Boreham came to the attention of Tottenham and Woolwich Arsenal, it was Mr Deacock’s pleasure to have signed Boreham a few hours before Woolwich Arsenal as they saw good potential in the young man and was signed at the start of  May 1908. Having been signed as a first team player he did not get his first game for the Tottenham first team until the 27th March 1909, in the 1-1 draw against Gainsbourgh Trinity.

Boreham played 20 league games between 1908-10, Eventually being displayed by J. Joyce in the first half of the 1909-10 season. His last game in the league came on the 22nd November 1909 against Preston North end which ended in a 4-1 defeat away from home. After the end of the 1909-10 season Boreham left Tottenham to rejoin Leyton. He then soon retired and bought a boat he called “Lucy B” and took to the Job that had served his father and family well in Fishing as well as a trade as a carpenter.

He had two  Daughters Dorothy Kitty and Freda Nellie born in 1910 and 17  with his wife Ellen who he had married in  December  1907. He Died in his home town of Rye in 1951.

  • Rye Town FC: 1904
  • Tunbridge Wells Rangers:190?
  • Leyton:190?-08  -2nd Time in 1910
  • Tottenham Hotspur: 1908-1909
  • 20: Football League Appearances
  • 6: London FA Challenge Cup