1908-1909 Team Photo

Top Row: Minter, Morton, Bentley, Caldwell, Hewitson, Boreham, Coquet, Burton
Middle Row: Gipps, Walton, R. Steel, McFarlane, D. Steel, Morris, Middlemiss, Leslie
Bottom row: Seeburg, Bulloch, Wood, Darnell; Payne, Watt ,Massey

After Refusing to go back into the southern league after an unsuccessful first attempt to enter the Football league,
Tottenham had stoke City to thank after they resigned from the football league due to financial Issues . After two
tie vote the third went to Spurs and they would Enjoy their first taste in the Football League Read More >

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Home Matches
01-Sep-08 Wolverhampton Wanderers
12-Sep-08 Barnsley
19-Sep-08 Bolton Wanderers
03-Oct-08 Derby County
17-Oct-08 Chesterfield
31-Oct-08 Stockport County
14-Nov-08 Birmingham City
28-Nov-08 Grimsby Town
12-Dec-08 Burnley
26-Dec-08 Oldham Athletic
02-Jan-09 Leeds City
30-Jan-09 Hull City
13-Feb-09 Blackpool
27-Feb-09 Glossop
13-Mar-09 West Bromwich Albion
27-Mar-09 Gainsborough Trinity
09-Apr-09 Clapton Orient
10-Apr-09 Fulham
24-Apr-09 Bradford Park Avenue
Away Matches
05-Sep-08 Leeds City
26-Sep-08 Hull City
10-Oct-08 Blackpool
24-Oct-08 Glossop
07-Nov-08 West Bromwich Albion
21-Nov-08 Gainsborough Trinity
05-Dec-08 Fulham
19-Dec-08 Bradford Park Avenue
25-Dec-08 Oldham Athletic
28-Dec-08 Wolverhampton Wanderers
09-Jan-09 Barnsley
23-Jan-09 Bolton Wanderers
06-Mar-09 Stockport County
08-Mar-09 Chesterfield
20-Mar-09 Birmingham City
03-Apr-09 Grimsby Town
12-Apr-09 Clapton Orient
17-Apr-09 Burnley
28-Apr-09 Derby County

Home Matches
05-Sep-08 Maidstone
14-Sep-08 Clapton Orient
21-Sep-08 Southend United
26-Sep-08 Chelsea
19-Oct-08 Swindon
24-Oct-08 Leyton
07-Nov-08 Norwich City
09-Nov-08 Tunbridge Wells Rangers
21-Nov-08 Luton
05-Dec-08 Portsmouth
19-Dec-08 Croydon Common
25-Dec-08 Crystal Palace
16-Jan-09 Hastings
23-Jan-09 Queens Park Rangers
20-Mar-09 Fulham
03-Apr-09 West Ham United
13-Apr-09 Brighton & Hove
17-Apr-09 Sittingbourne
20-Apr-09 Woolwich Arsenal
Away Matches

03-Sep-08 Clapton Orient
12-Sep-08 Luton
19-Sep-08 Norwich City
30-Sep-08 Southend United
03-Oct-08 Maidstone
14-Oct-08 Fulham
17-Oct-08 Leyton
31-Oct-08 Croydon Common
14-Nov-08 West Ham United
28-Nov-08 Portsmouth
09-Dec-08 Tunbridge Wells Rangers
12-Dec-08 Crystal Palace
26-Dec-08 Brighton & Hove
30-Jan-09 Chelsea
13-Feb-09 Hastings
13-Mar-09 Woolwich Arsenal
10-Apr-09 Swindon
12-Apr-09 Queens ParK Rangers
24-Apr-09 Sittingbourne

16-Jan-09 Manchester City
06-Feb-09 Fulham
20-Feb-09 Burnley
24-Feb-09 Burnley(Replay)

05-Oct-08 Queens Park Rangers
30-Nov-08 West Ham United
22-Mar-09 Millwall

29-Apr-09 Clapton Orient
02-Nov-08 Clapton Orient