Reserves Win Two in a Row

Date: 05/09/1908 at White Hart Lane

Tottenham reserves faced their first home game of the season after a good 2-1 win away at Croydon Common just two days ago in front of 4,000 spectators, all hoping to see the reserves play with the flair of the first team in their home match against Wolves.  Tottenham made two changes to the team that played on the third, with Gipps being dropped due to hurting himself before the match and Leslie moved into the right back position and Bull coming into the Back position after his return from the Players union meeting up north to give the back two an experienced leader.

The Frontline and custodian remained the same after a good performance in the opening game.


Tottenham Hotspur;
Bull, Watt;
Leslie, Bentley, Bulloch;
Woodruff, Seeburg, Morton, Wood, Payne

Williams, P. Makepeace;
Scotland, Eaton, Chisholm;
Reynolds, Burns, Hartley, L. Cousins, Altack.


The Match opened up with none of the bang that the first team did with the early exchanges of the teams being very even, Maidstone showed some good movement on the ball, enough to give the home team something to worry about, but having said that slowly the Spurs got into the game and looked to be having much more of the play, becoming a constant threat to the Tomsett’s Goal and the Maidstone defence Payne sent the first ball into the box that caused some issues for the visiting defence, only to luckily have Eaton clear it from danger, had he thought too long on it  Spurs could have taken the lead.

Morton had several chances to put the home team in front but had one good opportunity fail when he lost the ball only to find it hiding behind his heel when he was in a great positions to score, the second was when Payne again whipped in a great ball which was hit well by Morton who had the keeper beat, only to see the goal wards but was cleared off the line by one of the backs, the spurs supports did their best to vocalize there opinion that the ball had gone behind but the referee was having none of it and waved play on.

In the latter stage of the first half William collided with one of the spurs players and looked to be seriously hurt and Maidstone had to play with ten men for a few minutes but thankfully he returned onto the field to see out he first half. Maidstone had little or no real threat in them for the first half and there only real chance came when Hartley headed the ball goal bound with a fine cross only for Boreham to make a smart save.

The first half finished with little fizz, with Tottenham coming in the happier and doing much of the attacking but lacking the quality to convert their chances, they must feel they should be two or three goals to the good going into the changing rooms. Boreham must have been thinking what book he could read in the second half.

Half Time: Tottenham Hotspur 0 Maidstone 0

The Second half kicked of much the same way as the first half finished with Tottenham being far more aggressive than Maidstone and dominating in attack. If it was not for the heroics of the Maidstone keeper Tottenham could have scored far more in the second half as in the first, with the Crowed applauding every great save he made.

Bentley and Seeburg put in some great shots only to be denied by Thomsett, Payne, Morton and Wood were also creating chances and have to be denied by the visitors goalkeeper, in the 60th minute Morton score to but spurs ahead from play that started from the back of the Spurs end with Bull picking up the ball from a rare Maidstone attack, and Tottenham passed the ball all the way from the back to the front of the pitch without Maidstone getting a look in.

The best play of the match ended with Morton picking up the final pass and hitting a shot with such power the Maidstone keeper who had stopped so much could only watch the ball spin off his hand and into the back of the net. It was a lead that Tottenham deserved given the two performances of the teams.

As the time ticked ever closer to the final whistle Payne had what could be classed as a sitter from a parried shot from Morton off the hands of Thomsett into his path only for him to miss so badly that the spectators around the ground laughed.  Maidstone’s only real chance in the second half came from a corner which resulted in a shot from Hartley scraping the top of the Goal.

The referee called time for the game to finish and Tottenham walked off the pitch with the two points.  But the performance of the Tottenham forwards showed a real lack of quality despite some amazing saves and a great performance from the Maidstone goalkeeper.  If Tottenham was to show any kind of force in the league then they would really need to start finishing off teams with more ease given the shots they had.

Full Time:  Tottenham Hotspur 1 Maidstone 0